Promising Prom Do's for Short-Haired Beauties

Alexa Grazio, Senior

It’s just about that time. You can almost smell it in the air--a waft of hairspray and nailpolish. Girls, it is prom season. Many have already picked their dream dress, some may be scrambling to find one, but all the while in the back of every girl’s head is what to do with the ball of fuzz on top of her head. For my short-haired girls this can pose a problem. It is impossible to do an updo or even a simple sleek ponytail.

You don’t want your hair to look forgotten when the rest of you is fab, so I’m going to give you some ideas to glam up your locks. Bonus: Most of these looks are much cheaper than getting your hair done at a salon. Last but not least, don’t forget a pair of statement earrings! Your short hair will highlight them. 

The Headpiece

The headpiece is totally trendy right now and is easy to match with almost any dress. From ribbons to pearls, there are plenty of colors and materials to compliment any dress, color, or hairstyle.   

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Courtesy of (left to right), - $4.90, and - $4.90.

The Tiara

A small tiara is really adorable and every girl deserves to feel like a beautiful princess. It adds high-class glam as long as you don’t overdo it. Think Princess Diaries, not Toddlers and Tiaras.

 Yay                                         Nay

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The Opposite

If your hair is normally really curly, straighten it for something different or vice versa for normally straight hair. This is also a style that can easily be achieved at home, and saves you money and a trip to the salon.  

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