Maggie's Makeup: Kendall and Cara's Must-Have Looks

Maggie Gallagher, Freshman

As a follower of fashion and a student committed to finding the best look for myself and my peers, I often find myself looking to celebrities and people in the fashion world for inspiration. While countless beauty icons are everpresent in the media RN (hello, Beyoncé??? and Lady Gaga have been “a few of my favorite things” lately), the styles that are most influential to me are the ones high schoolers can easily relate to and imitate.

Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne are two of the most well-known model best friends in the industry right now, and the two I have taken the most inspiration from lately. From posing for magazine covers, like the European, Love Magazine, to walking the catwalk at the Chanel Metiers d'Art show in December, these two have taken the fashion world by storm. Both have pretty similar signature makeup looks, but they both have different focal points which give them very distinct looks.

Kendall’s classic look starts with a clear complexion, bronzer, and a hint of pink blush swept from the apples of her cheeks to her temples. For eyes, her eyeshadow look is achieved by using different shades of brown and beige. As a standard, light beige on the lid, light brown in the crease, and deep hazel in the outer corner, all blended out, with a highlighting color in the inner corners of her eyes. I love her eyeliner style because it seems to be really simple. A basic liquid liner over the lash line does the trick, which is a look your typical high schooler could easily emulate. Next, her mascara brings length and volume to her lashes which is a massive part of the look. Finally, Kendall usually goes for a soft pink lip but it changes depending on her outfit and occasion. 

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Cara has a similar approach to her makeup, yet her eyebrows are the defining facet of her look--always full and dark. I love her look because it acknowledges the beauty that is fuller brows. Her face is also simplistically perfect, like Kendall’s, so a covering of foundation is sufficient. Cara’s eyes are usually lined with an effortless wing or a simple defining eyeliner, typically black or dark brown, and black mascara. Her eyeshadow is often darker shades of brown compared to Kendall’s, but again it depends on the look. Also depending on the look is her lip color. Varying from bright red to simple nude, her lips are always picture-perfect and dress the look up or down, depending.

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Keep in mind that while it’s helpful to pull inspiration from looks, it’s important to add in a bit of yourself as well. A wise prophet, or Leandra Medine, once said, “Don’t do looks to be looks. Do looks to be you,” and that is a message we’ll always support. And besides, you can’t have a signature look without “I.”