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Lush Will Change Your Life

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Rachel Brusseler, Senior

If you’re anything like me, you probably love pampering yourself at least once a week. That means gross face masks, long bath hours, hair treatments-- the whole nine yards. As a pampering prowess, I have found that Lush Cosmetics is the brand for all your needs for a proper pamper. 

Growing up, I was never really a bath person. After discovering Lush’s bath bombs and bubble bars, I am a new woman. Each bath bomb has its own signature scent and color explosion packed inside. All you have to do is pop that sucker in the bath and you will see the tub transform into a color show with a scent of whichever bomb you chose. As for the bubble bars, they are a little different-- instead of sizzling and creating that WOW color show, they fill the tub with a light scent and lots and lots of bubbles. A little bit goes a long way but you will basically go back to your childhood when all you could see was bubbles. The price of the bath bombs and bubbles bars range from $5-$10, which is pretty decent considering how one bubble bar can last up to three occasions. Lush creates amazing gift sets with all of your bath essentials which will be perfect for the holiday season. 

As for those nasty looking face masks (as all my closest Snapchat friends know), they're amazing. Lush makes great everyday face washes, don’t get me wrong, but they can get a little pricy so I usually just go for my ~all time favorite~: The Mask of Magnaminty. A small jar is $12.95 and will honestly last you three months if you use it once a week. Keep in mind that all Lush products do expire quickly because they are made with all-natural ingredients, so only buy the big jar if you plan to use it more often. This mask is avocado green and instantly fills the air with mint. It has chunks of avocado in it to exfoliate, while the mint extract gets deep into your skin to purify. It’s never too harsh on the skin and really helps with acne, so it is perfect for all skin types. It’s a must have for those days when my skin goes out of control.

Now that the winter months are coming, the air seems to destroy hair no matter how well you take care of it. Lush makes some of the greatest hair treatments I have ever tried. I no longer have to worry about my hair looking fried, but a couple years back when I was trying to do some major post-straightening damage control, these masks were a lifesaver.

Now I’ll admit that Lush’s hair products are some of the most expensive items they make, but they are so. totally. worth. it. A personal favorite is Retread. It’s supposed to be an everyday conditioner, but if you leave it in your hair for about 30-minutes, it works magic. It’s made with rich oils and proteins which not only makes the outside appear healthier, it really re-strengthens the core of every strand. Any girl (or guy) who uses heat regularly or just wants her hair to get its groove back, I 100% recommend it.

    A brand that never disappoints and has so many different products, always all-natural and handmade, Lush is definitely a brand to check out. Take time out of your this frigid Friday to really pamper yourself.

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[Editor’s Note: Nina and I had the opportunity to interview Lush Trainer Erica Vega while on a (witch)hunt for next-level cosmetics in Salem, MA, and what we found was exactly that. Vega and company were in town on a holiday training session for North American salespeople discussing new tactics on how to sell the upcoming merchandise as knowledgeable, caring professionals. While we weren’t allowed into the conference room (top secret), we were able to sit down and chat about the nature of Lush. 

Lush Cosmetics is a unique brand with nearly 1,000 shops worldwide, including two spas in New York City and Philadelphia. These spas are different from your typical, run-of-the-mill spa in that it is, as Vega describes, an “emotional transformation.” A sensory overload with music composed specifically for that spa sesh. In addition to spas, Lush often holds events to showcase products, such as in a cinema setting for perfumes, and art exhibits. Scents are supplied during specific scenes to encourage the emotions evoked. It’s all very fashion-forward, if you ask me. 

Vega also described to us how Lush is different in its marketing strategy of actually “unmarketing.” The company doesn’t subscribe to buying out ads, but stresses the independent approach they take. 
“Our reputation is based on word of mouth,” said Vega. 
Public Relations representatives send out samples to magazines and bloggers to review and do with them what they will. We were also given two full-sized products to try ourselves, a soap, Baked Alaska, and a seasonal bath bomb, Cinders. Both exceeded any expectations we may have had. Basically, we love Lush.]