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New Year, New Nails

EHS Buzz MagazineComment
Katie Gigler, Senior

Medical professionals say nail-biting, or onychophagia, is the most common nervous habit (among thumb-sucking, hair-twisting, teeth-grinding, etc.). Almost half of all children between the ages of 10 and 18 bite their nails at some point. Although it’s a habit most people grow out of in their young adult years, it’s good to bite (no pun intended) the head off that bad habit ASAP.

I’ve been a nail-biter since third grade. So, fellow nail-biters, I understand how hard it is to stop chewing your fingers down to a nub. But I also know that there are a few great tried-and-true tricks out there that will break your habit for good. To start the new year off with gorgeous long, healthy nails, try out some of these tips:

  1. Treat yourself to a nice manicure. Knowing you spent money to make your nails look fabulous will make you treat them well. 
  2. Take care of your nails. This means keeping your cuticles under control, your nails filed and smooth, and your hands moisturized. A chipped nail or a hangnail will only tempt you to bite, and nourished hands will strengthen your nails.
  3. Keep polish on your nails (clear works great for guys or girls that don’t like polish). Seeing your nails looking nice and manicured will make you want to keep them that way. In addition, the icky taste will keep your mouth far away from your fingers.
  4. If your habit is caused by stress, try a stress-reducing technique (deep breaths, stretching, counting to 10) right as your temptation to bite begins. If it’s more of a boredom-induced or fidgety habit, try squeezing a stress ball or rubbing your hands.
  5. Put your hands in pockets or wear gloves. Out of sight, out of mind.
  6. Try a reward system. Every few days designate an “off limits nail” that you are not allowed to bite. At the end of every, say, 4 days, add another “off limits nail”. Before you know it, your whole hand will be off limits and your habit will have disappeared.

    I hope some of these tips will crack your habit for good! To get you started, try out this wintery nail look.


  • Clear base nail polish or a white polish
  • Royal blue polish
  • Silver polish
  • Toothpicks

Let’s get started!

Paint on your base coat. White polish makes the nail color pop, but clear works fine.

Add two coats of the royal blue polish. Waiting a few minutes to let the polish dry between coats will make the manicure last longer.

Once the blue polish is completely dry, dip a toothpick into the silver polish and draw a simple snowflake (an overlapping + and x) on your fourth finger (the accent nail). Then dip another toothpick into the royal blue polish and make a dot in the center of the snowflake.

And you’re all set!

Courtesy of Katie Gigler


Happy 2015! New year, new nails, new you!