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Homecoming Survival Guide

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Rachel Brusseler, Senior

Okay ladies, it’s that time of year again and it’s time to prep. Everyone is raving about what dress to wear and who's taking whom, but let’s not forget a crucial part of looking as hot as you can-- your beauty supply.

 It is so easy for your face to “melt off” throughout the night, especially when you're putting in #werk on the dance floor. To prevent this issue from happening, keep a mini emergency kit in your purse. This kit is your secret weapon for remaining fabulous-- filled with makeup necessities, perfume, hair helpers, and anything else you may need. As far as makeup goes, all you really need to take with you to look your best is your favorite lipstick, a little powder, and some mascara.

Personally, I have to have my lipstick on me at all times. That tiny tube can really transform your look-- whether it be a fiery red, bold berry, perfect nude, or anything in between.You never want bleeding or color fading so pack that bullet and party on.

Another must-have, especially for more oily skin types, is powder. With all the dancing and fun you will be having, your foundation may tend to do the cha-cha slide right off your face. Powder keeps oil at bay and keeps you looking marvelously matte all night. My favorite powder for times like these is the Bare Minerals Touch Up Veil. This little buddy can come in a 0.03oz full size or a miniature version, complete with its own travel case and mini brush. It is honestly a steal for how much product there is and how handy it can be. 

For mascara, waterproof mascara will be your best friend!!!…. sorry, emotional. Waterproof mascara isn’t just for a day by the pool. It’s perfect for when your eyelids get oily or you’re just sweaty (hey, it happens!). I have yet to find a drugstore waterproof mascara that wasn’t pretty great, so go out there and take your pick.

Now that you have the perfect makeup for the soiree, let’s talk in-case-of-emergency needs.
These are the little hair helpers and perfumes to keep you feeling good all night. We’ve all had hairdos that somehow turn into hair-don'ts throughout the night. We’ve been there; we can relate. Together, we can heal and solve this problem. Be sure to account for any misplaced strands (bound to happen): stick a couple bobby pins in your purse. Even if you didn’t have any in your 'do to begin with. It can help you feel refreshed by getting hair out of the way, and keep your look from going from chic to eek. 

Another way to stay refreshed is to keep some perfume with you all night. Most brands make roller balls that can make your favorite scents travel-friendly. Roll a little on the wrists and neck, and your sweet or sultry scent will linger all night. Your amazing look and perfect personal hygiene habits will turn heads (because sadly, hygiene is something that some high schoolers still seem to...lack).

Finally something every girl needs in her bag-- fashion tape. Whether its a rip in your dress or your neckline needs help staying put, emergency tape can keep you from having a serious fashion faux pas. Almost any drugstore will have it and trust me ladies, it can be a total life saver. All of these things will make the night go way smoother without worries of how you look.

Beauty products can aid you to a better night with no appearance anxiety. Your makeup will stay on all night, your ensemble will stay fabulous, and you’ll have a great time with your hot date or amazing gal pals. Follow these tips for a homecoming you will never forget!