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Daring Holiday Hair All Season Long

EHS Buzz MagazineComment
Colleen Grablick, Junior

As the holiday season approaches, life becomes hectic and planning ensembles becomes quite a chore (especially when you’re trying to impress that cutie attending your fam’s annual Christmas party). After countless agonizing hours spent staring at your closet (if the task becomes too tedious, perhaps take a break for some eggnog before going cross-eyed in a sea of red and green), you finally decide on a festive-without-being-corny outfit. You think you’re almost ready to conquer the holiday festivities, but in your holi-daze you’ve skipped the most important accessory to any outfit-- hair. 

Hairstyles can make or break a look. They can dress it up or dress it down. Preparing for Christmas can be stressful enough, so hopefully this Holiday Hair Guide will ease your troubles in perfecting your wintery looks. 

The key to any casual-yet-sophisticated 'do is braids. Girls often become discouraged by braided updos, assuming that because they are not the best at French braiding, their only option would be a simple top knot (don’t get me wrong, we all love a good top knot, but changing it up a bit never killed anyone). One easy braided updo could consist of splitting the hair into three sections and simply braiding each section, securing it with a clear elastic. After this, pin the braids in a criss cross pattern behind your head. There doesn’t necessarily have to be any rhyme or reason to the pinning, as long as its secure. For a messier look, loosen the braids before pinning, and pull down some strands of hair to frame your face. Braided updos are perfect for any type of outdoorsy activity, such as cutting down your Christmas tree or instigating a snowball fight with your little brother. Not to mention, they look great with scarves. 

If you tend to turn down updos, you still have a multitude of options when it comes to letting your lovely locks loose. Sleek, straightened hair would pair perfectly with your LRD (little red dress) that you plan on sporting to this year’s winter formal. If straight hair isn’t your thing, bouncy curls compliment any look, especially when paired with rosy cheeks and a cherry lip.  If you want to spice up your down-do, bobby pins will be your best friend. You can twist, braid, and pin to your heart’s desire. 

Lastly, never be afraid to accessorize your do with a few kitschy holiday hair accessories. A cute red or green bow behind a voluminous bun keeps your hair up and neat while still adding a fun vibe. 

The stresses of the holiday season are enough to turn one’s hair gray. Don’t let your lovely locks fall victim (and if they do, at least now you know how to deal with it in chic, Christmas style).