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Evolution of Makeup

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Lindsay Harner, Junior

Makeup. It dates back over 6,000 years, to ancient Egyptian culture. It has been used as a means of expression, of empowerment, of self-confidence. I’m going to be teaching you a few tips and tricks on how to do your makeup inspired by the iconic eras of the 1900s. Now let’s go back in time. 


To start your flapper makeup, use a brow pencil to draw on to darken your brow and create a high arch. Now using an angled eyeliner brush with black eyeshadow on it, smudge the shadow into your upper and lower lash lines. Apply mascara. Complete the look by drawing on your lips with lip liner, starting by accentuating on a very defined cupids bow, then filling in the rest of your lips.


Marilyn Monroe was the face of the 1950s. To achieve that perfect 1950s winged-liner look, place tape onto the end of your eyelid, going up towards your eyebrow. Then, apply a white shadow all over the eyelid, and a dark brown into the crease.  Line the eyes with liquid eyeliner, using the tape as a guideline for wings.  Layer mascara to get a false eyelash look.  Apply a bold red lipstick to the lips to finish off the Monroe inspired look.  


1980s makeup was all about color! Use your fingers to apply a yellow cream eyeshadow to the inner half of the eyelid, then a pink cream eyeshadow to the outer half.  Apply mascara.  For the lips, use a bright pink lip stain that is similar in color to the pink eyeshadow that was applied. 

It's exciting to see how makeup changes throughout the decades. Use these tips to help you achieve your most authentic through-the-ages Halloween costume, or just to channel your inner disco. Try out your own time period makeup looks and be sure to tweet them to us (@ehsbuzzmagazine, xoxo)!