Don't Let Your Hair Break Under Pressure!!!

Maggie Gallagher, Freshman

Keeping hair healthy is a difficult task, especially in the winter. I've done extensive research and taken quick tips from personal experience to come up with my two favorite remedies to keep your hair happy and healthy in this looming tundra. 

1. Moisture In, Dryness Out

Moisture is key to maintaining a healthy hair status. Two ways to eliminate dryness are by taking less showers and using hair oils. Natural hair oils can be found at most stores that supply beauty products. You apply them from tip to root to nourish the strands. Washing your body is mandatory and should be frequently done, but washing your hair will dry it out very fast. If you ration how often you do wash your hair, the natural oils in the hair will nourish it and help it to grow it out faster. Just make sure to towel dry your hair before you leave the house so it doesn't get destroyed in the cold. Nothing’s worse than standing at the bus stop with a frozen mane.

And besides, the natural look is in. Boho???

2. Static Control

My hair in the winter seems to follow the “Turn Down For What” policy. The static never ends, and sometimes causes it to frizz, too. The convenient option is to purchase anti-static serums, but a common household item may be the better choice at a lower price. Dryer sheets seem to stand the test of time when it comes to static. By rubbing one on your hair, your locks will become smooth again. Sounds crazy, but it works.

Stay strong.