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Beauty with Bibi: Serena van der Woodsen Look for Less

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Bibi Correa, Freshman

Hey Upper East Penn-ers (I tried),

The Upper East Side is not only filled with scandals and excitement, but also to-die-for fashion and beauty looks. Envy’s a disease, but luckily for you, this Look for Less inspired by the one and only Serena van der Woodsen is the cure.

Instead of spending thousands on Serena’s exact, expensive wardrobe, try rummaging through your very own closet before swiping your card. Black jeans, a basic grey top, a long sleeved jean jacket, an adorable scarf, and black boots create the perfect recipe for a Serena-approved outfit, totally minimum-wage attainable (all available at your local thrift stores or Forever 21).

Courtesy of Pinterest and Bibi Correa

Serena’s makeup is always fairly light on the show, so don't bother caking on the bronzer. Use a light concealer to highlight your nose, under eyes and on your cupids bow. For the eyes, use a pale pink color on your lids, a light brown in your crease, and a nice ivory color to highlight your brow bone, like Mac Cosmetics Eye Shadow in Jest. For lengthy lashes, finish off with your favorite mascara. Add a light pink blush on the apples of your cheeks for a flush of color.

The look wouldn’t be complete without a touch of lip gloss to your lips to match Serena’s signature pouty lips (hint: Mac Cosmetics Clear Lipglass can be applied over any lipstick or pencil to make all your fave matte shades glossy and gorgeous!).

Ta-dah! Now you’ve got the tools to be as effortlessly elegant as Ms. van der Woodsen roaming the high streets of Manhattan (when in reality, you’re just walking to math class).

You know you love me.

-XOXO, Bibi