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Beauty with Bibi: Paper Towel Curls

EHS Buzz MagazineComment
Bibi Correa, Freshman

For some, the prospect of curly hair is in the distant, distant future, barely foreseeable through a haze of cans of hairspray, hours in front of the mirror, and burnt ringlets (remember Tori Locklear, the girl who burnt her hair off and wound up on Ellen?). If you’re just looking for some lowkey locks and aren’t really going for a viral video, though meeting Ellen Degeneres would be amazing, perhaps it’s time you consider paper towel curls.  

“Paper towel curls? Yeah right!”

 Hey, don’t knock it ‘till you try it. I love curly hair as much as the next girl, but the damage it causes? Pass. Paper towel curls are so easy and only take about 20 minutes. They can even last all day without hairspray, because we aren’t in Baltimore and or the 60’s. 

First things first (I’m the realest) (I’m lame, I know)-- brush out your hair to get rid of the knots and dampen your hair lightly.

Then section off your hair. I prefer to go top to bottom so that the the hair is curlier towards the roots than the ends, but this is all up to personal preference.

After you’ve sectioned off the hair, pick a 1-inch section and wrap it around the center of a folded paper towel strip. Once you’ve done that just take the two ends of the towel and tie it off. Don’t pull too tight because the paper it could tear. Repeat on your whole head.

Once you’re finished, go to sleep (because we all need it)! Lucky for you, you’re using paper towels and not hard hair-curlers so you can actually sleep.

Then just wake up, undo the paper towels, and look fabulous.

-XOXO, Bibi