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Lip Trends to "Fall" for This Autumm

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Micah Gilley, Senior

Hey Ladies!  Fall is creeping up quickly this year and though it brings pumpkin-spiced yumminess and sweater weather, it also brings a bit of makeup boredom. If you’re like me, your summer glow is long gone and you’re not quite sure what your face will do without it. Well, fear not-- here are some hot fall lip trends to (pumpkin) spice up your look this season! 


This one kind of goes without saying.  Plums are great colors for fall because they can warm up or cool down your face depending on what kind of look you’re going for.  Pinky-toned plums will help warm up your skin and pull some rosiness out from its hiding place.  A “blue” toned plum will give you a Snow White look by cooling down the skin tone. Ivory girls, this one’s for you: cool-toned plums will highlight your porcelain look.  

~Beauty Bonus Points~: If you’re going out for a night on the town and feel like being SUPER risky, try a lavender lip (always loved the look, never had the guts to try it).


Pretty much a no-brainer. Nude lip colors are a solid choice all year round. It’s never really out of style these days. This one is perfect if you’re not feeling so daring. The one thing I must say though is that if you’re going to do nude, stick with pinker or browner tones. A peachy or orangey-toned nude is great for summer and spring, but in the fall when your skin’s natural glow is gone, peaches look fake.


Controversial. I hear people say all the time, “I just can’t pull off red lipstick.”  Yes, you can! You just can’t pull off ALL red lipstick. Here are the rules for red. If you are fair-skinned or fair-haired or both, you should aim for a “blue” red.  For example, think Marilyn Monroe’s very classic red color.  If you’re darker skinned or darker haired, you need a red that leans a little more towards orange. When in doubt, go with skin tone. In the summer I do orange reds and in the winter I do blue reds. A dark red also works on most skin types. All you need to do is take that leap of faith and try it.


My absolute favorite. Almost everyone can find a brown that works for them because browns are so diverse. You can get a brown that is almost red or get a straight mud color (sounds gross but it’s beautiful). I just ordered Lime Crime’s Velvetine. It’s a liquid dry matte product and the color is like dark chocolate. So excited about it.  On the other hand, I wear a very brown nude almost daily. It’s just a drugstore lipstick from Wet N’ Wild, but its great.

Above are the trends in their purest form but there’s a lot of crossover. Here are some others you could try:

  • Berry browns
  • Red plums
  • Brownish nudes
  • Plumish nudes
  • Red browns
  • Pink browns

Note: Most of these (aside from the nude lip) are statement lips which means go LIGHT on the eye makeup or you’ll look a little over-the-top. Be sure to wear a little blush to even out the intensity of the lip.  

If you’re not super comfortable in the wonderful world of lipstick just yet, don’t feel like you need to try a lipstick right away. These shades come in stains and balms that are a little less intimidating.  Another thing to note is that lipsticks come in different finishes, from high gloss to matte.  Matte is very in this year, but a glossier lipstick is easier to layer lightly and then build from there.
Hope this gets you out of your makeup rut this fall!  Remember: statement lips might be a little intimidating but they are so fun to do once you get used to them.  Be Bold. 

With love, 
Micah Gilley

Lime Crime Velvetines in Salem, $20  Courtesy of

Lime Crime Velvetines in Salem, $20

Courtesy of