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10 Beauty Products with Multiple Uses

EHS Buzz MagazineComment
Katie Gigler, Senior

High school comes with many expenses: field trips, overdue library books, football game tickets, it all adds up. Fast. Katie Gigler teaches us how to look and feel our best without breaking the bank (gotta save with Black Friday quickly approaching!).

  1. Lipstick can also be used a blush. Just dab along the bottom of your cheekbone and blend in for the perfect natural blush! There are also a ton of color options and consistencies, so you can match it up with your lip look of the day.
  2. Hand/Body lotion keeps static and frizz away from you hair, especially during those cold dry winter months. Put a small dot of lotion in the palm of your hand, rub your hands together, and pat them throughout the ends of your hair. This gives your ends the extra moisture to tame those frizzy flyaways. 
  3. Concealer works as a great eyelid primer! It evens your eyelid complexion and covers up those veins. And it’s a smooth base to keep your eye shadow looking opaque all day long. 
  4. Hairspray is a cheap alternative to face setting spray. A few spritzes after your face makeup is applied, and you’ll be shine-free all day! It’ll hold the makeup on your skin just like it does with hair. Just be careful to avoid contact with eyes!
  5. Mascara doesn’t only keep lashes on point, but brows too! Clear mascara works wonders to comb through brows and keep the hairs in place. It can also be used as a base for a darker mascara or on its own for a natural but still groomed look. An old mascara brush also works to comb through brows. 
  6. Lip liner (preferably brown) is great on your eyebrows as well as your lips! You can use it to fill in eyebrows, and the pencil is soft enough to keep them looking natural and not obviously drawn in. Press softly on lips for a perfect nude lip too!
  7. Hair conditioner is a fabulous alternative to shaving cream! It’s super hydrating and locks in moisture, keeping your legs softer longer. It also makes shaving quick and easy.
  8. Coconut Oil is basically the Holy Grail. Not only is it perfect for keeping your flowing locks smooth and shiny, it’s also great as a moisturizer for your hands, face, legs… pretty much anywhere. And you can try it in your coffee!
  9. Eye shadow works perfectly as an eyeliner to get that soft smoky look. Just press a small angled brush into the eye shadow pan and pat into the upper lash line. It wings out super easily too. Black and dark brown work great, but don’t be scared to try a deep purple to shake things up a bit! For a more opaque finish, try using a damp, angled eyeliner brush. 
  10. Deodorant is a drying agent and can be used to dry out acne and keeping shaving bumps on the DL (just be sure to use a different one on your face and legs than you do under the arms!).